By a Lonely Campfire

by Psychophant

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released October 31, 2012

Written, recorded and mixed August-October 2012.



all rights reserved


Psychophant Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Who Am I?
You control me
You control me
I can try again
You don't let go

You control me
You control me
I have tried again
You don't know
What it means to me

You control me
You control me
I have tried again

You can take me
You can train me
You can trade me
You can tame me

Who am I?
I don't know anymore
Who am I?
I don't know anymore

Track Name: Wind Country
Tears run down my face
I'm not sad in any way
The breeze blows all of them away
Staring at the landscapes

Of my wind country
Under the shadow of my little tree

Hold on to my arm
I know a way to keep us warm
Now the sun is coming down
It touched the horizon, now it's gone

Darkness falls on my wind country
I don't know what's left of me
Track Name: We're Gettin' Older
He comes heaters
Peeling geezers
Now we'll cry

No we'll cry

We are getting older

I think of it every day
In my brains
Please touch my mane
Take my life
Say my name
Track Name: Bichon Frisé
Oh doggy, you are my little friend
You comfort me when I'm feeling sad
You make me insane, I mean, look at me
Now I'm the one staring out the window

I only walk outside when I'm with you
You've helped me notice that the sky is blue
What a beautiful shade of color it is
These images are frozen in time, I'll never forget them
Track Name: Running in the Woods
I'm running away with you
Track Name: What I Want
I can't get what I want
I can't get what I want
My hands shake
My hands shake

I'm sitting by a lonely campfire
My friends don't wander here with me
But still, we feel together the end times
Our road goes farther than our eyes could ever see
Track Name: Heat's Over
Heat is over

The people are running, the sun is falling
The clouds are moving, the horizon calling
The trees stand still, the soil gets marred by the water
In the sky
Track Name: Revelation Song
The world surrounds us now
Let's hold our hands tight now, together
A dark surrounds my head
And then you know it's true

That you could see me there
And you could mend the pain
But I didn't know
The end was shown
Revealed it all to me

The woods surround me now
These wounds keep us from coming together
If I could turn back time
I'd keep it all from happening

The weight comes crashing down
The sky keeps falling down
But now it's sown
The edges show
Revealed it all to me

Revealed it and then
The end was shown
The great last song
That told it all to me

The wasted crumb
The end is shown
Revealed it all to me

It fell apart
It came undone
It drifts away
And all the choirs
Of endless tears
The end is near
Reveal it all to me
Track Name: Power Reactor
You have the power in the sky
In time our flowers will bloom
It takes my breath away
We turned you in

Sometimes our money is stained
Most times it crumbles away
We've got two frequent sides
We like to take
Track Name: Don't Worry
Don't worry about her
I'm sure that she'll be fine
No matter where you are

Hey, did the stories make you cry?
Did you look up at the sky?
When the stories made you cry

I hate this non-verbal agreement that we have
I don't talk to you and you don't talk to me

Hey, don't worry about that
It'll only make you sad
We all get sad sometimes

Hey, all you have to do is try
And some day you'll be alright
And some day you'll be alright